Marianna Mankowska is an animator, illustrator and film director from Krakow, Poland. Her animations are hand drawn watercolor paper pieces. Her award winning short films such as “Maze”, “Misiek and the bloody monitor” and “Misiek and Eve from outer space” have screened around the globe, including France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, the UK, Australia, Argentina, Canada, India and the USA.


Mankowska’s best known creation is a paper cut out called “Misiek”, a cheeky yet naive animated character working in the film industry, trying to make things happen as he struggles with nervous breakdowns, anxiety, depression, sharks and other minor stuff… Misiek frequently appears on her collages and illustrations as well.


Marianna is currently working on her short animation “Misiek and Hawaiian drama - a true story”. She also teamed up with Kazia Production based in Santa Monica, as the animator and co-producer of a documentary about child abuse, directed by Rita Ciolek.


Marianna is a member of Hampton Table, the Hollywood film organization.

     Maggie Qin (also known as Yasi Qin) is an actress, model, and TV show host. At the age of 18 Maggie was discovered by a modeling agency in in North America where she started her modeling career and worked with well-known photographers and appeared in magazines for international name brands.      


     Maggie Qin graduated from Sauder School of Business in the University of British Columbia for Real Property Assessment. Maggie was named the Sunshine Girl for Toronto SUN newspaper in 2008 and appeared on the covers of Charm Season Magazine, New York VNB Magazine etc. She became the TV show host for Canada National TV and went on to host TV episodes of Entertainment High 5 and Eating in Toronto. In 2014, Maggie hosted the American travel show, Joy in America for ICN International TV in New York.      After starring in her first leading role in the short film Flushing Flesh, Maggie became very passionate about acting and   made her acting career her primary focus. She went to China and starred in a variety of film and TV shows, the feature film,   Young Dream (2016) which she won 'Best Actress' of The 2nd China Teenagers Film Festival and was nominated in the    2rd Silk Road International Film Festival. She won the 'Best Actress' of China Television Actor Association in 2016. The Love of Bachelorette (2018), for which she won 'Best Actress' of Los Angeles Actors 

     The Love of Bachelorette (2018), for which she won 'Best Actress' of Los Angeles ActorsAwards, 'Best Actress' of Los Angeles Film Awards,  ‘Best Leading Actress’ of Action on Film International Film Festival, ‘Best Leading Actress’ of Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival,  ‘Best Leading Actress’ of Festigious International Film Festival. 'Best Actress' of Hollywood Film Competition, 'Best Actress' of The European Independent Film Award. Honorable Mention: Best Actress in New York Film Awards, Award of Merit: Leading Actress in Accolade Global Film Competition.

     She starred in other Films are: A Million Dollar Delivery Guy (2018), Startup Career (2016), The Hapless Killer(2016),  Killing Town (2015), Qian Tu (2016), Chuang Zhi Ling Yun (2016), Doctor Monkey Ninja's Ambition (2015), The Iron Monkey (2015). She also played major roles on famous TV series and dramas: Game of Hunting (2016), Ode to Joy (2017), Da Ran Fang II (2016), Wuxin: The Monster Killer (2015), Shi Ling Lu (2016), Chi Shui He (2015). As a popular actress in China, she was invited as the guest Judge and co-host for the singing competition show Up Idol. Maggie also hosted the show of Brands for CCTV as well as hosting the First Business Conferences of Changzhou, Jiang Su and the 2nd China Teenagers Film Festival.  Also She is a jury for Dhaka International Film Festival; she also is the Ambassador of Yala International Independent Film Festival and also she is one of the panelists for Actor's Panel of Culver City Film Festival.

     JoAnn Hess is a multi-award winning, optioned screenwriter who specializes in character-driven Thrillers.  Her work is highly demanded by producers and has written several scripts on paid assignment in Crime Drama, Thriller and Action/Thriller genres.

     JoAnn's project THE QUEST was a 2018 Tornino ScriptLab selection, one of only eight projects. She was also named one of ScreenwritngU's Most Recommended Writers.

After spending over a decade in the corporate world in marketing and international finance manager for a Fortune 500 company, JoAnn took a break when she started her family. She spent the next two decades studying and honing her craft, becoming a voiceover actor and full-time screenwriter with over ten scripts written for-hire for six producers. 

     JoAnn’s scripts have placed in numerous, prestigious award competitions including PAGE Awards FINALIST, AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL 2nd Rounder, Final Draft’s BIG BREAK Semifinalist, New Hope Film Festival WINNER; LONDON FILM AWARDS 3rd Place; ACTION ON FILM Festival WINNER for Best Script and Best Dramatic Short; Cleveland International ndieGathering Film Festival: 1st Place Crime/Drama, 1st Place Suspense/Thriller, Best Feature Script and 1st Place Dramatic/Comedy; 1st Place: Action/Thriller Script, and more.

     Along with FRAMER (AAIG, LLC), THE DEVIL’S DANDRUFF (JC Productions, Ltd) is in Pre-Production with Peter Field (World War Z, Edge of Tomorrow) directing. FAKERS (JC Productions, Ltd) has Tom Delmar (SNATCH) attached to direct. She has produced two short ilms, DEBRIS (2015) and the multiple award-winning, OUR FATHER (2014), starring Michael Gross.

     In 2016, JoAnn attained a MASTER SCREENWRITER certification from ScreenwritingU’s Master Screenwriting Program and holds an MBA (Finance) and BA (Economics).