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Suzette Troché-Stapp
President / Head Judge
Yifan Du.jpg
Yifan Du
Director / Editor
Ruben Maria Soriquez
Actor / Director / Producer
Curtis Webster
Actor / Writer / Director

Suzette Troché-Stapp is the president of ETHOS Film Awards, as well as an award winning director, producer and star-photographer / multi-media artist.

Ruben Maria Soriquez is an award winning Italian actor, director, producer and writer. CEO of See Thru Pictures Inc. he has directed several feature films (5 of which distributed in the US and 1 on Netflix Italy) and produced 10 feature films across Europe and Asia..


Yifan Du is a seasoned director and editor and studied at the prestigious San Francisco State University, followed by the Academy of Arts. She is a sought after International Editor and Film Professional and award winning filmmaker, . 

Curtis Webster is an actor, writer, and producer. He holds a Certificate in Screenwriting from the University of California at Irvine. Curtis’ television acting credits include This Is Us, Legion, The Trial Of Timothy Richard Heidecker, and I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson. His film acting credits include Mister America and the NETFLIX break-out horror hit, 1BR.



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